Vases With Faces


Last month, Fredericks & Mae asked me and 30+ CREATIVES to create ouR own interpretation of the Testa di Moro for theIR “About Face” show in Brooklyn, NY.

“As the legend goes, there lived a young woman who spent her days cultivating and caring for the plants on her balcony. Young women were unable to go out alone at this time in Sicily, so the balcony served as a glimpse of freedom. One day, a wealthy young Moorish merchant noticed the young woman and instantly became enamored declared his love for her - and a rapturous love affair ensued. In a tragic plot twist - the young woman learned the man would soon return to his country where his wife and children waited for him. Guided by rage, the young woman decapitated her beloved so he could never leave her again. The morning after, she turned his head into pot, filling it with basil, a symbol of passion and royalty, where it adorned her other plants on her balcony. The “pot” grew lush, so as to arouse the envy of the local residents who ordered the construction of similar vessels.”

Naturally, #bdbstacks came to mind...

This one of a kind piece is available for purchase at Fredericks & Mae.

BDB NYtestadimoro