Ones Series

Ones Series for Spring 2014 is finally here. Inspiration came from a personal need to display the jewelry I own, specifically earring studs, in order to know they are 'there'! I find myself wearing the same things over and over because I forget about the ones that are put away. 

My starting point was the dome with stud holding holes creating unique patterns. There's a slight indent in the center to hold the earring backs or a ring or two. The ring cones are a classic, and I added a twist to it... I call it the 'side kick'. A mini cone attached on the side of the cone for more ring holding space. Also, it may save you time by not having to remove all the rings above the one you want to wear. The small bowls are also a classic and this time around I used the same shape as the domes but turned upside down. I enjoy creating patterns on these shapes as the gentle curves help create organic flowing lines. Finally, the pods. The pods are my special containers with lids that incorporate the stud domes, bowl and cones. I love how they feel when you hold them. I strived to create a piece that would feel as elegant as the jewels it holds. 

I hope you enjoy this collection. Re Jin