Ravenwood's 1st Annual Group Show
to Oct 15

Ravenwood's 1st Annual Group Show

On view now until mid-October.

This showcase presents five NY-based visual artists who each straddle the worlds of both art + design. Each piece explores abstraction through textural experimentation and pulls from our natural environment for inspiration and materials.

Kat Howard (fiber art)
Joshua Vogel (process paintings)
Re Jin Lee (ceramic sculpture)
Allison Samuels (wood sculpture)
Dana McClure (mixed media)

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Terra Cognita
to Aug 31

Terra Cognita

Opening Party

Celebrate our collaboration with Spartan Shop over a mezcal cocktail. Creative business women and friends Elena Frampton and Currie Person have traveled the world on annual inspiration trips for years. They join forces to co-curate a unique group show featuring artists Robbie Frankel, Giselle Hicks, Ariela Kuh, Re Jin Lee, Dino Matt, Claire Oswalt, Elizabeth Parker and Bari Ziperstein. Sponsored by GEM & BOLT, a female-owned Oaxacan distillery creating clean artisanal mezcal.

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