MCMC x BDB Gift Set

Ceramic vessels handmade by Bailey Doesn't Bark make the perfect holder for your perfume oil, eau de perfume samples, and more. Speckled porcelain base is hand-built, then kiln fired and glazed in an exclusive MCMC bronze. Each piece in this edition of 14 is unique.

20/20 by BDB & FA

One of a kind ceramic ring base by Bailey Doesn't Bark with Pien-Oka ring in brass by Fay Andrada. This special pairing is a limited edition of 20. Each base is marked with it's individual number in the edition. 


This Bailey Doesn't Bark collaborative piece was hand built in Brooklyn by designer and maker Re Jin Lee exclusively for Young Frankk. Not only it is the classic BDB ceramic ring cone with a sidekick but it also doubles as a jewelry wall mount featuring a keyhole opening for easy hanging, making it beautiful and functional. Limited edition. Available at


Mixing the skill sets from two different artists is always bound to be an interesting project, so what happens when a ceramicist joins forces with a printed textile designer?

In this fun collaboration I worked with Textile designer Helen Dealtry to come up with some fresh, springy designs for the new season. Each piece is hand made by me, and then hand painted by Helen, making each design completely unique and one of a kind.