No. 1 - 101 / Fall 2013

The Caverna Series was inspired by the obscure world inside a cavern. The creative process began with the fantasy of exploring one and incorporating three of the five senses experienced in this imaginary journey into the collection.

Sight - “Colors and shapes” - Dark earth tones, black and hints of metallics combined with organic shapes heavily influenced by stalactites and stalagmites.

Hearing - “Sounds in the silence, sharp yet distant” - Subtle stone clinking sounds created by tiny clay balls placed inside cones and gentle water running sounds from the hanging planters.

Touch - “Through the fingertips” - Smoothness of the glaze in contrast with the exposed, unglazed surfaces of textured clay and coarseness created by carved patterns.

All the pieces in this series were hand built with clay, decorated using wax resist, pencil lines, sgraffito and carving techniques then finished with non toxic glazes.

Each piece is one of a kind and marked with its own number.